Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sentence Flash Cards For Stroke Victims

Happy birthday, Bradbury

Ray Bradbury turns 90 years .
A nice age to anyone, so cards, double, for the man and the writer .
on Ray Bradbury, autrore, inter alia, of repute Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451, you can find dozens of biographies and bibliographies network .
Like so remember to look, perhaps overlooked, which we find in his work and that is confirmed from his statements on the occasion of the birthday. In Fahrenheit 451
see how a mass society , see books as a stimulus to a "dangerous" individualism. In
Martian Chronicles the individualist spirit is enhanced by the participants in the first expeditions and settlers. Today I read that
Bradbury, as well as computers and cell phones criticizing, denouncing the excessive government in the lives of Americans and said it would take a revolution in singular harmony with the conservative Republicans Tea Party.
Ninety years, but still with the desire to dream Moon ( had to stay ") from which fly to" his "Mars and then conquer the stars, far away in the" space, the final frontier "to" explore strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, to get where no one has gone before .. "
Greetings Ray Bradbury : is good to see that you can continue to dream even at 90 years , continuing to dream because only we can hope that humanity continues to increase, placing ever higher goals and, once achieved, detach a leap to new heights and other .
All, of course, thanks to ' Individual, not a misunderstanding that egalitarianism is nothing but mass production and to the bottom.

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